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When Jay and I met..


I was 19 & working my butt off at 3 jobs to pay for school & rent with little time for "fun."

Jay was 21 & owned a nightlife business while running all the club scenes, "party boy" as heck.

8 years later... In our NEW LIVES, we reconnected.

I was a different person. Widowed & single mom to a beautiful but energetic little girl. I'd gone through enough challenges to learn just how important it IS to celebrate the good things in life.

He was a different person. He'd been done with nightlife, sick of dating around & had fully ditched the party scene. He KNEW God had a plan for His life.

Falling in love with Jay was COMPLETELY unexpected.

But, looking back, I see now just how the stars aligned in this universe & the last.

And, Im in ABSOLUTE AWE. ❤️

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