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How did Jay & I meet?

How did Jay & I meet?

Well, for a while I tried to just say, "Through a mutual friend..." so I didn't have to tell the WHOLE story. Especially if someone was asking in a casual setting. But, glossing over Nick's part of our story never ACTUALLY worked.

I would ALWAYS correct myself, despite the fact that this story can't really be condensed that much & despite the fact that some people might not want to hear about my losing my husband at a wedding rehearsal. #sorrynotsorry

I truly believe God brought us together & I honestly think Nick conspired with the big guy upstairs to help make it happen.

(( To make sure we are clear, I don't think God made Nick get sick or anything of the sort so that I could be with Jay. I just think that in his somehow-incredibly-cosmic-ways he worked GOOD out of a horrible tragedy. ))

I can't even imagine the JOY that must have filled Nick's face as he found out God's immaculate plan. It still brings tears to my eyes. He loved Jay so much, trusted him so much & wanted someone to watch out for his little girl. HOW INSANE that it would end up being his best friend. I literally would have NEVER guessed. EVER. SOMEHOW, he worked together every little detail, into a love story for the ages... And I can't even begin to imagine how.


Jay was one of Nick’s best friends back when I met Nick all those lifetimes ago. Jay and Nick had owned a small business together in college and hung out a lot at work events and at various “guy nights.”

I remember telling Nick when we were dating that I wasn’t too sure about his friend, Jay. I strongly suggested that maybe he might not be the best influence for Nick’s life. But, Nick would go to bat for him EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

“Jay is one of the truest friends I have.”

“Jay is one of the nicest guys I have ever known.”

“Jay is loyal and trustworthy. I won’t ever give him up.”

Jay and I didn’t hang out much because, well, I wasn’t so sure about him. But, Nick hung out with Jay whenever they could make it work. And, Nick ended up choosing Jay as one of his groomsmen in our wedding.

From that point forward, I only ended up seeing Jay a couple of times, though I heard about him and his life often, through Nick.


Fast forward & Nick & I have been happily married for five years, we have an adorable little girl on the verge of walking, but Nick is sick. Very sick. And the doctors gave up hope long ago.

He asks to bring a trusted friend over so that he can tell me something. Something I wouldn't let him breathe a WORD about before. He needed backup. He wanted me to be quiet so he could say what he needed to say.

Tears streamed down my cheeks in rivers as I listened to the words I never wanted to hear...

"I'm dying, Alyssa. And I need you to know something. I want you to find someone again. You were made for love & for a relationship & I want you to get married again. I know you will find someone else. And I WANT you to."

He died 3 weeks later.


Fast forward again & I've lived the hard life of a young widowed mom but I've done well for myself. I've started my own writing business. I've rented a house in a gorgeous part of Seattle for Nick & I's daughter, Austyn and myself. I'm ready to start making roots for the TWO of us again. Just the TWO.

And, then God throws a PLOT TWIST!


You guys...

I KNOW I have to get this book together soon because I have SO MUCH of this story left to tell!

I have an untold story inside me (also... in my various blogs all over the internet - HA!) and it NEEDS to get organized so y'all can see it for what it is, right in black and white.

A MIRACLE. A real-life-honest-to-God MIRACLE.

I never expected to be where I am. I don't know what I did to deserve TWO incredible men in my life.

But, I do know that EVERY TIME I have handed the control of my life back over to God, He's worked MIRACULOUS wonders.

Like this baby here in my tummy!! Oh, Lordy! You guys I could go on for days! If you've made it this far on this post... If you know that you'll want a copy of my book, PLEASE fill out the form in the comments below. The more names I can get, the better chance I have of finding a publisher to help! 🤗

I think it's time this whole story is TOLD. ALL OF IT.

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