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Coming home to help over 500 people...WORTH IT!

Jay G, you da ORIGINAL MVP!! 🏆

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY, Jay announced he was leaving the corporate world to join forces with me to make Made for Brave fitness into what it is today. How INCREDIBLE to see how far we’ve come in the last year with Jay’s help & passion for people! 😍

>> We’d helped over 100 people as a team this time last year. But, y’all, now we’ve helped over 500!! HOW INSANE is that?! 💪🏼

>> We were a One Star Diamond Team & now we are a Three Star Diamond Premiere Team!! In our little coaching world, that means we are growing by leaps & bounds! 💎💎💎

>> & MOST IMPORTANTLY, we’ve become better mentors, better parents, better PEOPLE through this journey! ✨

FOREVER GRATEFUL to work with my best friend every single day on a business we love - helping people live their best, longest & healthiest lives yet!! Nick would be so proud & I know I couldn’t be any more STOKED for our team of lifestyle & fitness coaches as we continue to slay goal after goal!! ✌🏼

Having Jay home with us has been the BEST decision from EVERY single angle! Our business has continued to skyrocket, I was finally able to write my book, & we’ve been able to mentor OTHER coaches to successful outcomes in THIER businesses!! We couldn’t function or do ANY of this without my incredibly talented hubby! I love you Jay BaeBae & so thrilled to actually get to do ALLLL of life with YOU!! 😍

THANK YOU for being such an incredible person. Your dedication, effort & skill AMAZE me every single day!! 💕

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