Perfection is Often Overrated

3.5 months postpartum... REAL TALK: I’m 50 days into this 80 day fitness journey & I’m feeling RIPPED in some places.... & a little saggy in others. 😂 But, MAINLY, I’m feeling PROUD!!

Sure... I’ve got a few things to fess up to. NAMELY, that I’ve not been anywhere NEAR perfect at following this program’s workout schedule or meal plan. I’ve swapped workouts, made excuses, & slacked on the timed nutrition. 😬

BUT, you want to know something? Perfection is often overrated. I DO NOT have to be perfect to be a great mom, a stellar wife, a decent writer or a BOMB DIGGITY fitness coach. I just have to do my best.

& I’m PROUD of the progress I’ve made!! I feel good about ALL the hard work I’ve put in. Even if that work wasn’t perfect, I’ve been TRYING! And I think it shows!

Get out there & TRY, friend!! Give it your all. No use wondering if you’ll fall short. You probably will. So what?!

You’ll still grow as a human being along the way & maybe even reap some incredible rewards for your effort!!! 🍑 Besides, the only ones who are actually GUARANTEED to fail are the ones who don’t even try.

Alright... here we go!! PHASE 3!! 30 days left! Wish me LUCK!