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Achieving that Dream

Picture the thing you want MOST & then hold onto how achieving that thing will make you feel. 😍

YES, I’ve got some INSANE GOALS for this year... First, I’m finishing up a book about my late husband, my journey back to faith, & how God intricately reworked a crazy incredible story that I’m just lucky enough to be living in. ✨

Second, I’m aiming to help as MANY PEOPLE as possible get started on their health & fitness journeys. Because NO LIFE deserves to be cut short when we actually have ACCESS to the tools to LIVE HEALTHY even in this crazy fast-paced world.

BUT, at the core of these goals... the thing I want MOST... is simply this: I want to know I made an impact on my girls & on this world & that I lived a life I’m proud of, with all priorities in check.

At the CORE of it all, I imagine that achieving that dream will feel like EVERY OUNCE of me has been spent, like EVERYTHING has finally come full circle...

Maybe I can imagine that feeling so well now because it seems like so much of my life, the bitter parts & the better ones, somehow have already come together to create something more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. 💕

Take MASSIVE, imperfect action toward your goals every day & eventually you might find, you’re actually living in the place you were aiming for all along. ✨

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