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Nobody ever talks about what it actually FEELS like to be BRAVE but I think it’s important that we all know... It feels EXACTLY like FEAR.

I’ve had to do so many brave things in my life. Picking up my 27 year old husband’s ashes from a funeral home, for one. Listening to my doctor tell me I’d lost a second baby to miscarriage, for two. Opening myself up to loving again & trying again, for three. Deciding to write a book, run my own business, & raise two girls all at the same time, for four.

And do you want to know what BRAVERY felt like in those moments? It felt JUST LIKE FEAR!!! Jussssst like it. Bravery feels like SCARED.

Your palms will sweat. You’ll question everything that ever happened in your life leading up to that moment. You’ll wonder if you really need to do this thing after all. You’re head will scream at you to run & hide. Your heart will beat a million miles a minute. Your breath will catch in your chest.

FEAR & BRAVERY... they FEEL the SAME. The only difference is FEAR fear decides to back down, where BRAVERY decides to step up & keep on going.

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