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Pray with Us?

Something really scary happened this weekend you guys. But, I’m PRAISING GOD because it could have been SO. MUCH. WORSE.

On Saturday afternoon, we went over to my little sisters house to help her move some furniture upstairs. When we were done with the heavy stuff, Jay decided he would run to the store with Em while Austyn & I stayed to help Kinslee situate a few things.

Just after Jay walked out the front door, I heard Emery’s cry! It sounded shrill & scared. I ran to the window overlooking the driveway & looked out to see my bewildered husband had fallen down concrete steps while holding Em!! I raced down the stairs & got them back inside. THANK GOD, he fell backward & held Emery tight to his chest!

Jays backside got pretty beat up, he caught himself with his elbow & that part didn’t look great either, but it seemed like Emmy Rose was 100 percent fine other than seeming rattled. We went on about our day, feeling a little unsettled but mostly just grateful our girl was good. Until that night when she had trouble falling asleep (not normal).

By mid-day yesterday, we were certain something was wrong. Our Emmy girl wasn’t moving her right leg much if at all. And as Jay tried to slow down his memory of a quick half second slip, he realized her leg could have very well gotten jammed behind him or into a step. It didn’t seem bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital and we figured it might just be bruised so we took yesterday to rest as a family & keep a good eye on her which meant lots of snuggles.

And y’all, I am PRAISING GOD that it wasn’t worse. Seeing Jay’s face yesterday was so tough. He feels horrible, as you can imagine. Seeing his bruises now, thinking of what COULD have happened has me shouting with JOY. Even though my little girl isn’t feeling her best, even though my poor husband’s a little beat up, & we are only getting a dozen smiles a day right now vs Em’s usual 300+... I am BEYOND HAPPY that neither of them hit their heads. This easily could have been so much worse!

Waiting on the results from Em’s X-ray at Children’s this morning. Will y’all pray with us as we wait??💕

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