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Namaste Here

INHALE. EXHALE. Namaste, my friends. 🙏🏼 I started this morning off with a PERFECT 30 minutes of practice (it CAN be perfect, because it's called a "practice" 😂), a delicious shake w/ my FAVE superfood blend thrown in for ADDED NUTRITION 🥗 , & a SUPURB morning at church. 👍🏼 I just LOVE Sundays... Slow, sweet, full of grateful snuggles & family time. 💕👌🏼❤ SOAKING IT UP for all it's worth!! Whatever you're doing today, I hope you know just how blessed you are. And I hope you're ready to hit the ground running next week with your priorities aligned. Nothing compares to a life well lived. Every breath counts, boo. You got this. 🤗✌🏼✨