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Hold Fast to Your Dreams

I felt like a FAILURE... . I HAD BEEN a serious athlete in college & I KNEW how to take care of my body. . I EVEN had a gym membership, classes paid for at an awesome little local yoga studio & I lived just a FEW BLOCKS from a Whole Foods.... . But I COULD NOT get my health under wraps. . I KNEW I could control my auto immune disease if I could find balance. I KNEW I could beat my depression, my anxiety & my general feeling of FATIGUE if I could just get my butt in gear. I KNEW there had to be a NATURAL way to find the energy I SO DESIRED! . BUT, as a SINGLE WORKING WIDOWED momma, I couldn't figure out how I would lose the weight or find true health & energy without going Bat-ISH crazy or BROKE. . I did NOT have the time. I did NOT have the money. & I did NOT want to feel like my whole life revolved around what food I did or didn't eat. . At this point, I basically SUCCUMBED to the fact that I would never have the body, the strength, or the energy that I wanted in my life. . I decided..."It's just not in the cards for me." . I wasn't even necessarily angry about it. It was just the "way it is." . Then ENTER: the SIMPLEST meal plan, QUICKEST nutrition & the EASIEST & MOST EFFECTIVE 30 minute at-home workout program I've ever come across . . You guys, it has changed my life. From the INSIDE OUT. . Every relationship I have with those that I love, from my Creator, to my Husband, to my Daughter, to my Friends & extended Family here online... Y'all have watched me make this transformation. . Most importantly, it's changed my relationship with my SELF. I finally SEE the PERSON & the PURPOSE God created me to be. . It's not JUST the workouts, or the balanced-simple meal plans. It's not JUST the celebrating of life like I've never been able to do before, VIBRANTLY & FULLY without a worry for my well-being. It's not JUST the personal development & hours of study on HOW to create a positive mindset. It's not just the COMMUNITY of accountability partners that back me up every single day.... . It's ALL OF IT. . All of IT has brought me here, to a place where my "success" is defined by my own self. . Where my VISIONS & MISSION in life are so DANG CLEAR, I can see for miles. . Where my ENERGY matches the enthusiastic life I want to live: one of IMPACT!! . I know there are so many of you out there who read these posts & you don't like or comment on them. And that's totally fine! But, if you've been following along for some while & you think there's even the TINIEST chance that this could help you, too... PLEASE, for your own sake, REACH OUT. . Because your future self might just thank you for taking a chance on the one thing that created a domino effect that completely TRANSFORMS your life. . Don't give up on your dreams. . They aren't out of reach unless you think they are... ❤️ . #madeforbrave

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