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We are a 2019 ELITE TEAM!!! Which means our business and our team are ranked in the tippy top of our company. But, what’s worth so much MORE than the accomplishment, what this opportunity has BROUGHT into our lives!! 😭😍

I’m not great at summaries (they always end up a little long hence the BOOK lol) but here's me trying to sum up what the last two and a half years of coaching has done for me, in a nutshell:

When my first husband died of cancer at the age of 27, I knew how important it was to get back to working out, eating right and taking care of me. I felt like I owed it to our infant daughter to give myself a fighting chance. But, I didnt know how to fit health into my life. So, I floundered for years, trying to find a balance.

By the time two years had passed, I was a widowed single mom to a three year old who threw tantrums of epic proportions. I was also diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease I had been fighting since I was 19. And, it just kept getting worse. Life was BUSY to say the least. And, my goal of getting & staying healthy seemed incredibly far-fetched already at the age of 28. Until God plopped this opportunity into my newsfeed.

THESE PROGRAMS gave me the tools to do the impossible. I found my way back to a better, healthier version of myself. They helped me improve my relationships with my Creator & my family. They helped me be a better MOM. And, if I could do it, I knew others could too. So I vowed to pay it forward and started building a life for my daughter that I wasn’t sure she would ever have the ability to see.

I ran my first challenge group in July of 2016, wanting to help as many people as I could. When I got remarried, my husband joined in on the fun and we haven’t looked back since! Now we are ranked in the top .01% of the company. NUMBER 85 out of almost half a million teams. We both get to stay home with our babies together doing as much good in the world as we can & a large chunk of that work is with Beachbody as our partner. We are INCREDIBLY grateful.

When I first began, I was worried that nobody would want to join me. Now, two and a half years later, we’ve built a strong community of 500+ coaches who are loyal, excited and passionate about what we do. I think it’s because we are focused on community over commission, progress over perfection, and choosing BRAVERY instead of fear every dang day!!

Beachbody corporate, our fit tribes, our team, our coaches… We have YOU ALL to thank for that. The vitals of coaching have transformed our lives and our friends’ lives (online and locally) from the inside out and everything else has just been icing on the cake.

And, to think we are just getting started. OBSESSIVELY grateful. 💕

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